Kong Elastic Safety Tether Double (0.9 + 1.8 metres)

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Описание продукта

Kong double arms elastic safety tether for improving the safety during sailboat racing.

The shortest arm extends from 46 cm (18") to 91 cm (36"), the longest extends from 104 cm (41") to 183 cm (72").

These safety tethers incorporate two lightweight aluminium double-action safety hooks, built-in stress indicator and welded O-ring for improved security offshore, whether racing or cruising.  The stress indicator features a bright overload flag that is exposed when the tether is stressed to the point of needing replacement (about 400 kg / 900 lb of force triggers the flag).

The boat-end aluminium safety hooks have an easy-to-use double-action gate that automatically locks closed, so it won’t accidentally release from attachment points.  Yet, it’s extremely easy to open in one ergonomic movement without pinching your hands.  Internal elastic retracts when not under load, staying out of the way.  Nonmagnetic, stainless-steel snap shackle at chest releases from the harness under load.

Certified for only one user.  High quality product completely made in Italy.

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