Donaghys Winchline Stealth UHMwPE

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Описание продукта

- Sold by the metre -

Donaghys Winchline Stealth UHMwPE

  • Extreme strength to weight ratio
  • 8 x lighter, 70% stronger and safer than wire
  • High UV and chemical resistance
  • Floats and does not absorb water
  • Low stretch, low creep
  • Virtually no recoil in the unlikely event of failure
  • Will not kink
  • Easy to splice
  • Abrasion resistant coating reduces likelihood of snagging and provides superior winch drum grip
  • Maximum continuous length removes waste factors and enhances hauling / winch lines integrities


  • Strops
  • Winch lines
  • 4x4 winch ropes
  • Vehicle rescue / recovery
  • Mining
  • Logging applications
  • Towing line
  • Pulling / stringing lines
  • High load purchase system

For more information and breaking load, please refer to Product Data Sheet.

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